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Welcome to the Sea Cow Collective! We are a local duo currently based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, but have every intention to continue travelling around the world. Join us as we explore - with its wildlife and natural landscapes, its vibrant communities and cultures, and rich histories and architecture, how can we ever get bored of all the magic around us? Through art, photography and storytelling, we aim to share our interpretations of the world around us with all of you, hoping to encourage slow, deliberate travel that supports local communities and the earth! We love to capture all the small things especially: life's little moments that can often be overlooked.


Our mission is to promote responsible travel, and conservation and preservation of our natural world, all while sharing the beauty of the earth through art and photography. Whether you are a wayward traveller searching for your next destination, a wildlife enthusiast looking to learn more about your backyard, or anything in between, we are excited to share and learn with you with appreciation, admiration, and respect.

We ackowledge the land we are currently based in as the rightful land of the Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara Nations, and are honoured to be able to live in this territory. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to everything they have done to preserve the harmony of this land as its Traditional Custodians.


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